Our Company

The company was founded by the late Dionysios Gikas.

Formally, all began in the summer of 2008, when through the Development Law it accomplished to create a model unit of packing, formulation, commerce and export of circus fruit. Ideologist and leader is a producer. Years ago he envisioned this investment in order to solve the problem of sale of products of the region. The studies began in May 2008 and the project actualized in time record. In October of the same year, the investment completed, dedicated and operated full under the management himself.

The cultivable ground of company is located in Thesprotia, in the village Kestrini, away from Igoumenitsa. The area is characterized with title NATURA. The harvest of products becomes in the suitable stage and products are transported immediately to ultramodern privately owned unit of screening of formulation, where they are categorized according to their size.

Clementines, Nova, Navel Orange, Navalines and Valencia are packaged in each form and quantity that can be requested (daily dynamics of packaging 150 tons).

The company is equipped with the most modern packing and formulation and is able to pack in demand in net, plastic or carton. It has 2 controlled atmosphere chambers, capacity 280 tons for the storage of products and a chamber degreening. The perfect organized unit of screening - formulation ensures the best quality of products that they reach the consumer.

Today, continuing the vision of the late Dionysios Gikas, the organization of the business undertaken by the family, namely the wife and his children Eve, Sophia and Minas.