From the most beloved varieties of mandarins, "the queens of mandarins" as they are called. They have exceptionally rich and sweet taste, very aromatic, seedless.
Period of harvest is beginning in November to January 10th.


Variety mandarin, juicy and large mandarin with intense and deep red color. They have a sweet taste.
Period of harvest is January to early February 10.


Variety of mandarin. The fruit is large and is one of the most aromatic. The juice is among the sweetest with intense orange color.
It is suitable for fresh consumption and for juicing.
The harvest begins early February.

Navel ή (merlin)

navel orange or merlin

It is the dominant variety of orange (about 60% of Greek production).
The fruit is large, overall and the navel stick out occasionally.
Period of harvest is December 15 to February.


Variety orange, have fruit overall, slightly oval, medium size with small navel and without speeds.
It is suitable for juice.
Harvest of period is November 10 to January 15.


Variety orange. Fruit moderate to large with elongated form until overall, peel is medium thickness and very smooth.
They have few or no seeds and are very juicy and tasty, perhaps a little acidic.
Period of harvest is March to June.